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This is a game that made me laugh at times. But there were other moments where I freaked out.

 I really liked the beginning of this game; and the concept of reverse hide and seek. It forces you into a lot of tense moments where you aren’t sure what will be inside the next cabinet. I liked that aspect a lot. I didn’t really get why Blib stopped playing hide and seek though, and beyond that I felt bored with no direction left in the game.

Here it goes.

Confused Room & Up Right Hand


Was this like a prequel or something?? Very confused and it makes sense lol

I was so confused playing this, But I mean it lives up to its title! I enjoyed the game I like random stuff like this.

I loved the game!!
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The fridge is harmless. And what the hey is that cartoon the tall guy is watching?

I enjoyed this but like why does he want to suck penis? I am so very concerned...


This is... quite the game. The title is exceptionally accurate. Thanks for sharing it with us, too! It was definitely an experience.

I didn't expect what was beyond that door!  Awesome~

I had fun playing an getting scared of being eaten from the fridge, I made a short lets play of the game, truly funny and weird game, I would defiantly recommend to a friend. I think I made a friend. 

Hey fun game :) I would definitely recommend this one because of how random/weird it is :P. I didn't run into any issues in the game, great job. Here is a video I put together for you. hope you enjoy enough to support my channel and subscribe :)

This is what kinda dreams i have after taking 5 melatonin gummies.


Smiješna i zanimljiva igrica u isto vrijeme, nadam se da ćeš još ovakvih igrica graditi i napraviti, te se radujem za igrati ih, sretno!

oi kk

what a fun and wholesome yet weird and confusing game to play. I did a full playthrough of the game for your enjoyment, fill free to subscribe if you have the time.

The game is no harm and no jumpscares. Good job of your game ;)

I recommend to play the game before watching the video to avoid spoilers!

This game has exiting elements in it, the exploration and the game start is fun that you even forget it's a horror game. After a while you realize things about to get bad. It keeps you guessing yourself if what you will do next is about to jumpscare you. The ending was surprising it's a like a game within a game I won't spoil it here!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS Game!! Try it it's good stuff!!! 

Piaciuto tantissimo...grande originalità.

Ho fatto un breve video se ti va dai un occhiata e iscriviti. Complimenti


this game literally confused me..nice cartoon on that tv tho lol. good job TheMinusel

very strange and fun i liked it! 

Very strange, didn't see the ending coming.

ahhhhh gooood gggaammmmeee

Ummm... What? Well done. I am Confused...

The song absolutely got me! 🤣

This game also taught me not to trust anyone with far too many closets - they are definitely hiding something strange! 👁️👄👁️

What did I just play.... It was really good!

good game

I'm not going to say that I fully understood it, so the title is apt. But I did enjoy myself!

I wasn't expecting the ending, and wandering around the house was a nice, atmospheric experience.

Very good gameplay

Not gonna lie.. Was mostly confused.. But it was well made and ran like a knife through butter. Good job lad

Definitely had me a bit confused until the end of the game, but it was definitely a wild experience. I liked the whole hide-and-seek bit and the weird dialogue that was said lol. I kinda wish there was a bit more to the game but the ending definitely sets up a lot to come. Amazing work :) (Gameplay at 3:59)

This game had me confused THEN I FIND OUT ITS SCP LIKE WHAATT! I enjoyed it tho :)

Fun playthrough I'm not entirely familiar with this SCP but non the less I enjoyed the well paced experience, Thank you for making - Splash

This was weird and I expected something totally different, but I still enjoyed it 😂


Weird and creepy and I love it. 

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