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you trying to sleep but the TV won't shut up.

ending song name - Bedford Falls Anara

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Tags3D, Psychological Horror, weird


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What's the name of the song at the end

I don't know if you're still looking or not but its called Anara by Bedford Falls


really enjoyed this game play

I played this game a while ago and as a semi short liner horror game i like it. I would recommend it for people trying to step into horror games but get scared kinda easy

I honestly have no idea what I played. What was that? Why was I there? Where is this music coming from? What does all existence even mean? Overall it was a very interesting experience. Good job dev! 

I didn't get shit of what was happening to me but that was amazing.

strange TV...

Thank you for the kind trauma once again, I love you.

This felt like a trip back to 2010 4chan.

rad, thanks for sharing!

El juego estuvo bueno y raro, me gusto xd, aqui dejo mi video probandolo 

hey dude good game, I really enjoyed the experience I hope I can play more of your games.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


Both awesome and creepy. Gave me a good scare and Is probably my favorite game I've played so far.


Had An Absoulute Blast Playing This I love How weird your mind is and I hope you continue making strange games Like these

It's really strange ... a TV with legs ... and tara the android ...

I love your games :D

This was CURSED 

One of the strangest games I've ever played for sure...

Very unsettling feel throughout! Gave me a good spook.


I wanted MORE! Loved it! It will make you feel WEIRD!

very nice, I love your universe


Nice game

(1 edit)

at some part of the game, it was okay, some part was funny and some are weird. I probably skipped a lot of floors or area in the last part that is why I am clueless on what's going on. but either way I enjoyed it!

p.s game starts at 00:15

Deleted 1 year ago

its tagged as PSYCHOLOGICAL horro

Deleted 1 year ago

It was alright not really a 5 star though, I would give it

three stars out of five.


Olha cara, eu não vou dar uma opinião falsa aqui, eu realmente achei que o jogo todo foi construído em cima de conteúdos externos que são de terror, ou ao menos são popularmente taxados como. Sendo assim, o jogo em si só se sustenta como terror por trabalho de terceiros. Por mais estranho que fosse, o "one of the buttons" ao menos era divertidinho por sua originalidade, já esse é só uma bagunça. Se acharem que estou errado, podem dar dislike, mas minha reação com muitos dos elementos desse jogo resumem bem o que achei dele: 


(whips out dick) if you say so




Really cool game! Love It!


What a neat little game. So creative and fresh almost like modern art. Keep up the good work. Check my video I made about it. Enjoy!

It was a nice game wasnt really scared but hey it happens still a nice game.

Very good game. walking TV really got to me lol

if you are interested, here is video:

Was quite... Interesting. The walking TV scared me a lot at the start and the legs looekd really weird but cool! The little 'easter eggs' around the game was great to find and see, but yeah, definitely an interesting game with interesting meanings, but maybe keep directions so the players know where yo go and know what to do? Other than that, a pretty creepy game!

this game is so interesting. What is this based on?  What is this game about?

It twisted my mind and made me question reality. I loved it. 

Shrek gave me nightmares

good game!

This was so out there and weird but I really enjoyed it! 

Fiz uma gameplay legendada desse jogo louco:

i love this game

this was a really good game good job devs also very weird lol 

This is just a nightmare world


very much liked
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