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you trying to sleep but the TV won't shut up.

Updated 18 days ago
Published 20 days ago
Tags3D, Psychological Horror, weird


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Was quite... Interesting. The walking TV scared me a lot at the start and the legs looekd really weird but cool! The little 'easter eggs' around the game was great to find and see, but yeah, definitely an interesting game with interesting meanings, but maybe keep directions so the players know where yo go and know what to do? Other than that, a pretty creepy game!

this game is so interesting. What is this based on?  What is this game about?

It twisted my mind and made me question reality. I loved it. 

Shrek gave me nightmares

good game!

This was so out there and weird but I really enjoyed it! 

Fiz uma gameplay legendada desse jogo louco:

i love this game

this was a really good game good job devs also very weird lol 

This is just a nightmare world


very much liked

Once again, another weirdly fantastic game. So strange, but I keep coming back. Keep it up!

I played 3 of your games in a row! Entertain Me was first. These games are fascinating and eerie and strange. I enjoyed experiencing your game style. 

loved the game and it was fun and trippy can't wait to see more to come

This was so weird and awesome! 

Hey there! Congratulations on this game. I loved the gameplay and asthetics of it. The intro music was my fav haha. Actually, I've made a video playing this game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy (likes and subs are highly appreciated, Thank you! :D) Keep the good work!

As usual mr minusel you deliver once again. Keep making more please i thoroughly enjoy

this is one of the weirdest game I have played on itchio its so jarring and confusing but its great iv never been more confused with what was happening in a game but also the game itself has no glitches from what I saw and seems to be made very well overall I give it a 8/10 its confusing but entertaining all the way through and never really overstays its welcome if you want to see my reaction to this strange game here it is

if you checked it out I appreciate you and consider subscribing it really helps my channel grow

Missed Connections ... I Loved Him Too ...



Nice! liked the whole game experience!


tbh idk what i just played but i love the creativeness

Biggest question I have is Why? Second is this emoji 🤷🏼‍♀️ and the 3rd is - Did I really see an Mpreg Shrek? 🤔

Hey guys! I played this game on my YouTube channel, feel free to check it out and leave a comment if you want :D

loved the game btw

I absolutely love the games you make, and this one is no exception. Very surreal, and it invokes this near dreamlike feeling while stumbling through the halls finding one strange thing after the other. Please keep making games, I always enjoy them! 

I don't know about '10/10' or 'amazing' as some other people have been saying, but it is weird. Why is Shrek in your game?


10/10, best horror game ive played in a long time, very creepy and aesthetic and never cheaps out with jump scares, sorry i cant tip, im to young to have a paypal, but just wanted to personally say this game is amazing!


This was amazing.

I don't know the meaning of the video

Aun no c ke voy a jugar

Not sure what I just played but fun to try out x'D




Very weird but very nice experience.Keep up the good work!:)

weird horror game ^_^

I hope the author can make more strange horror games :)


well, I can because what you see it's nothing I just need a little bit of motivation and time.

Oh, great. Thank you very much


Well, another one of these games. I do not have much to add, because these games do not have a direct theme, genre or type. So in it's own way, it is as good as it needs to be haha.

All I can say, is that this is another odd but very fun and interesting experience. Keep up the good work!


One of the weirdest games by this dev so far...still not sure what to think but that is part of why I keep coming back!

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