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before you play make sure you played Doomed To Darkness. this is a part 2.

WARNING don't restart the game because there's a bug i will fix that soon as possible


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It's hard to escape

man my experience to this game is intense! it kinda reminded me of amnesia, it terms of the elements in the game, the mechanics, texture etc. it was really fun but i think it would be more fun if the game is not fast paced, because you need to hurry before the candle runs out. overall, great game!


I did not get very far because I was in a hurry but I also got very confused. I will hopefully return to this game and figure out the first puzzle

The monster attack range is way too wide, candle consuming too fast and death respawn time gap too close to the death scene.

i know just forget this game :d

Not a bad game but the monster needs a bit of tweaking and I wasn't sure where to go when the monster came out.


Just checked out this game, I got stuck when the monster appeared, have no idea what to do and eventually I got into the monster room where each time I died, I restarted there and got stuck in a loop.

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Great game, so scary when the monster comes for you! Glad to see this one got more attention than the last! This tyle reminds me of Amnesia so much! Keep it up!


yes some assets used from amnesia but whole game made by me. also Amnesia is my favorite horror game


Great game! Enjoyed it :)

Here's the gameplay ;)


Finally finished it! Thank you for the advice, started all over again and replaced the previous video.I'm glad i tried this again the end was really good:

Yes Sound is good. I love the setting and plot. The problem is with third gear. I used the key but cant find any door to open.

Here is my gameplay :)

Will be checking this out :)