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Your game starts around 30:40

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. Original models. It was pretty cool seeing something new) The models are pretty creative. I especially liked the deers (the doll was also cool but creeped me out a good bit)!

2. The game was funny! It had some pretty silly but funny moments, I enjoy the humor you added to the experience.

3. It was scary! A horror game should be scary so I was really glad to get jumpscared a couple of times. And to be creeped out by the doll. What was that all about?


1. It made no sense. I mean, I read that the game was made just for wasting time... But even after that, one would like to see some kind of story or a twist or a morale - something. This game was all over the place, made no sense and was generally weird. I didn't even know how to comment the experience at the end.

2. The levels seemed to be empty. The maze-like levels were unnecessary and it felt a bit excessive. I think it would be nicer to make the map smaller but more detailed.


Well, I rate this game 4/5 stars because it could be a lot better and could make more sense but you have warned the player in the description not to count on that. Fair enough, I guess. Still, I see that you worked at the models and some concepts as well, so that deserves appreciation. I have very mixed feelings about the experience but I believe 4/5 stars is a pretty fair rating.

Hope my feedback was useful!


thank you for your review !

This might possibly be the strangest horror game I've played which is pretty hard to do lol great work, love the style and looking forward to more!

So this is the second one of your games I've played (the other was The Way to Heaven) and I gotta say, I really like your style. Its weird, surreal horror and I dig it. Looking forward to the next project. 


I liked this one a lot. Weird and still a little scary? Good job.
Deleted 94 days ago

yes, bad English is my problem but the shotgun is loud annoying with crappy animation I made it specially for headphone users.


The cute innocent bunnies!!!
Weird game but STILL scared me! Loved it :)


This is such a strange game but I love it. Its cool, creepy, good atmosphere and just insane. Defiantly recommend it !!!!!


Another strange adventure from this creator where you wake up as a soul in hospital and you are trying to figure out how you died as you search through memories.

This is not the first game I have played by this creator, each game has its own unique quality and experience that are both enjoyable and make you scratch your head at the same time. There are some nice references related to another game called "Traditional Scarecrow " also made by this creator and there are probably more references that might of been missed.

Overall these small creations are great to playthrough and it is always surprising what one person can make ,  I can not wait to see what else comes out in the near future.

Such a weird little game x) 


Very broken English, but it's still weird and fun

I love your games. i love your style. Keep making more please thank you very much epic moment


usually I don't bother with horror games. but this creeped me out in a good way. The deer scene was real buggy for me, but overall, I am glad I downloaded this!

Super weird. I lol'd at a certain unexpected scene with two rabbits.. ahem. lol.

Really cool and weird. Not sure I understood the ending but still an enjoyable experience.


The first time I played this game it left me feeling pretty weird (also it was like 2am at the time). This game as a really creepy vibe. You're left with so many questions. I played through this game a couple times for footage and general curiosity, I found a few things. I want more like this, keep it up.


  • Game goes black if you click on play again after finishing the game.
  • Sometimes the audio that plays when the deer chases you continues to play for the entire game.

thank you for telling me about bugs.


Very strange, but cool thanks :) 

Questions guys, this leaves me with questions ... Mainly, what just happened?

Funny game lol great choice 

new video up on this super hilarious check it out :)

WTF was this game... I don't... I don't understand what just happend... but it was a lot of fun!

This is the best video that I played, you can watch my gameplay if you want:

VAYA SUSTO ME HA PEGADO EL RENO DE MIERDA!! | One of the Buttons - YouTube

Deleted 99 days ago

i think only you have that problem.

Deleted 99 days ago

I don't know man :/ at least i know that it's not my fault.

if you still want to play this game i can give you mediafire link or something like that.

This happens to me sometimes when trying to download from the itchio app. Visiting the game page in an internet browser should allow you to download.


That's what I was thinking. It's the itchio app!! I'll check out the game page directly!! @Rettacera Thanks 👍. @TheMinusel you're all good! I think the internet browser method will work. 🍕

Alright this is fun game  ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Funniest Horror Game  I've Played ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ  10/10

Very interesting game.

So i may of had the weirdest possible experience with some certain deer...

An interesting game. Had fun testing it.

This game pretty much short circuited my brain. I have no idea what any of that was about, but I enjoyed it very much! I love when games derail my train of thought like this. Great job!

good spooky

Red bunny is boss 😎

This Game really was weird and extremely random. but i enjoyed playing it on my channel. Good Job!

I love how it has humor and it's own style. Very interesting work. Here's my gameplay video for my Russian guys <3 


Yeahhh, this was a pretty weird horror game 😂 still had a blast with it tho, and honestly did get pretty scared too lol

Thank you for making such a strange yet scary game.  I loved it and I can't wait to see more but I still don't know why I died. :P 

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