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In this game, you playing as a little boy who is left alone by his family.

this game is free but you can donate some $$$

if you make a gameplay video there's a chance to see your video on this game page.


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I know now the meaning behind this title lol but I had fun and it was definitely an experience I'll remember thank you for all the work put in! 

Man this game is strange but worth the game play. Second game of three. Subscribe please! 

it cool and the ending is very weird lol 



for the French who pass by there!


Cool and totally weird :)

Love the ending video........................
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Well that was a strange game but honestly I actually really liked it I was not expecting it that's for sure by the way what song is being played on the tv cause I actually kinda liked it

so this a great and interesting game!!! I want to hug the 10 year old but am I human? 

I have to agree with the other posters here.. this is a game that is NOTHING like you would expect!

No stranger to horror games, I thought this would end up being a maze like game in line with Coraline themes. BUT, BOY OH BOY was I wrong! An entirely weird, quirky game that you have to play yourself to experience(let alone understand). And funny easter eggs hidden in the game! What's not to like?

Well...this is a game I guess

This was an interesting game and it really creeped me out. Made the hairs on my body stick up.


"Haxan" is the perfect film for a 10-years old ! We watch it every year for christmas !

This was really awful, in a really wonderful way! Leaves me wanting more :) ... any chance for a listing of the music used in game at at the end?

thank you, music called bedfold falls - MERMISI

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This game made absolutely no sense whatsoever... And I bloody loved it. Another EPIC game from you Minusel keep up the confusing work just brilliant. Hope you enjoy my gameplay, edits and commentary. Subscribe If you guys enjoy!


This game was extremely weird.. that is all lol

This game has scarred me for life. I don't think I will ever get over it. What ever is wrong with the dev is no small thing man. But I must thank you, dev. This game prompted some priceless reactions out of me and made a very good vid, so thanks.

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

This is honestly one of the most fundamentally bizarre games I have ever played! 

Also, was I meant to see Bee Movie? 馃ぃ

I've played a few of your games, and each of them is a very unique experience. This game is no different

Comi uma Tv e caguei de susto com o arroto!

I can tell you had fun making this game

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1) Game experience:

2) Can you play it on Linux? - Yes you can!

Greetings  from Brazil. :)

I gave it a go 

Pretty sweet horror game, and pretty weird lol. The burp was the scariest part of the game I swear 馃槀 I enjoyed the game nevertheless!

Weird, freaky, and downright a fun experience to play. Thank you for the work and time put into this and hope to see more in the future! 


Love your stuff. Keep on keeping on.

Another strange and unsettling yet enjoyable oddity-of-a-game by the one, the only, The Minusel! 

Jogo horrivel

n茫o da medo , muito curto

What did I just play? xD

Very weird game but I LOVE IT! Keep up the weird work!:)

Loved it! Love a fun little odd game and this is no exception =) always fun just to sit back and see how strange things can get =D keep up the great work and left a follow =) your game is first in the vid

very unpredictable game couldnt guess what will happen i really enjoyed it

DUDEEEE.. this game really left me speechless but i gotta give it to you, although it was weird but it was fun to play. keep it up man!

dude this game was something else lol if you wanna check out my crazy lets play here ya go

This dev does not disappoint with the weirdness and thats okay! Starts at 9:42!

This is hands down the weirdest game I have ever played so far on this site. Usually when I play games from here they are okay at best. However, every once in a blue moon I come across something great! Some games are just hidden gems hiding in plain sight and this is one of those games! Definitely one of my favorite developers on this site now! Your work is so bizarre but in all the right ways. I look forward to playing the rest of your games as well as what is to come in the possible future!

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