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I really like the look of it. I feel like some of the rooms are a bit huge, but it has a nice creepy atmosphere

good game


 wow cool game

Great game. Very unique. Is there actually more than one ending?

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, although some guidance in a few areas would be nice imo, aside that it was fun, I loved the concept, specially that hide and seek section, good work!

That was pretty interesting. And I love all the weird characters. It's a little tricky in some spots but definitely a game everyone should check out. Thanks, dude!


really really enjoyed this, i loved the unique tone of the game, unique character design and all around eerie feeling this game gave off honestly the closest thing i can compare it too is a time burton movie and i absolutley love that type of horror, it really left me wanting more so the fact this is only chatper one is fantastic, also the chase seqence im not sure if what was suppose to happen here happened but i ending it with super speed and super jump which allowed me to get out of the maze to get to tina but yea im not sure if it was a bug or not, as one of the bags i was unable to pick up, all in all though this was so well made and so well executed and im really hyped for chapter 2! well done! gameplay above i hope you enjoy!

loved it thank you 

Also can you add a flashlight? :)

well, great idea but actually you can light up rooms and most of the rooms have a light source.

also those dark rooms? I mean, the "other" rooms.

back minusel other hyper creepy weird :D

love it thank you 

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you no look key in bathroom to open the attic. i have ending 1 make download video

okay thank you :):):)

i think this game have different ending.

Actually there was no key I forgot. Also thank you for playing

lmao.. the glitch ending was fun though.

yes, but I fixed it.