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i made this weird game long time ago. and now i decide to upload on itch.io

if you like wierd stuff play this.


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great end

This was super weird, but I really enjoyed it!

this game got me like 

I loved your game and the ending is cool, thank you!:)

Nice game

This was strange but in a good way! I was genuinely scared lol.


thi game was weird but i enjoyed it

Huh...That really was freakin' weird :D Nonetheless I got pretty scared near the end and I had so much fun! Thank you for the experience! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers!

Okay umm i played it. And gotta say.... WTF. I suffered. Interesting, unsettling, and boy, i put that thing in the other thing.

What an interesting experience! Definitely going to check out the rest of your catalog and I'm looking forward to what you make in the future as well.

Scary as HAiiiiiiiiiiiL

If you like complete mindscrews then this is certainly a game that is right up your alley. 

 The gameplay itself is simple enough as you explore the strange environment and are given tasks to complete, however there are some really creepy horror elements and somethings that are just downright bizarre that make you wonder exactly what the creator was thinking.

The way this game played you could theorise that the main character is a psycho path who has murdered innocents and the ones he loved, he is running from his demons and as you "escape" this is where you lose your mind completely, in any case a strange experience indeed.

Over all though a really unique game that is worth a play purely for the strange factor.

Weird is the right way to explain this lol.

Pretty cool game, man. I loved the blender baby part haha. You make some great games. Keep up the good work!

I honestly thought itd show me the way to heaven but this was completely weird and traumatizing. played it on my channel for yall to watch, enjoy!

Hahaha laughed my ass off in this one! Thanks. You put number 6 above one room instead of 4, but it doesn't matter. Here's my first reaction to it

Me encant贸 lo surreal del ending y me sac贸 mas de una sorpresa, muy buen juego

The creepy-ness was dope, Baby in blender that was really weird. The transition from creepy to calmness of sea was amazing ;)

Keep up good work ;) waiting for next masterpiece


I figured this game out. I thought it was crappy and cheap the first time I played it, but after further thought, it's a deep and thoughtful study on the 5 stages of grief. Each door represents one stage, through denial of your wife's death to bargaining via a sacrifice, to acceptance on the boat. Thank you for bringing this masterpiece into the world, it changed my life.

Would recommend. Much weird. Much spook. 5/10 

When you said weird you were not kidding!! Haha! but nice game here just enough weird to be entertaining


This is the weirdest game I have ever played, period. I have never been so weirded out and confused in my life.. not a bad thing tho lol. I enjoyed playing it, and wish it was a LOT longer than it ended up being, but it was fun nevertheless. 3.5/5 from me! 

ese final esta interesante xd

soy nuevo en la plataforma :D

si quiers apoyarme con un like y compartiendo es suficiente

#1st Game, Was very... interesting, Had fun editing and playing it!

A strange game, but this is the kind of game I really enjoy. It would be cool to see a longer version with more story behind it, but as it currently stands this game is still a good short horror experience.

Nice work TheMinusel!

The game was really weird and I really enjoyed the storyline itself but I wish it was a bit scarier. idk how long it took to make but def try to take this game and make into a full game because the story itself is REALLY cool.

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

Quite possibly the oddest game I've played, 10/10 ending. I made a video if anyone would like to check it out.

I just can't believe my wife left me and took the kids, then i find out she been sleeping with other men. Then after she had been done being a thot, she'd dispose their dead bodies and hang em. And on to top of that i had to turn my son into a subway meatball marinara. This game crazy y'all lmao

I cannot believe that I made BabyBurger haha I am soo curious what your other games are like because at first glance, they all seem to have a little weird flair! But yes, this was a strange experience. Entertaining and quick, but strange. BTW I sailed my boat into the great beyond!

Good Work! 


Scary and good

Did my playthrough of this, agree with developer that it was weird for sure.  Definitely seemed to accomplish what it aimed to of getting into your head and making you feel uncomfortable.  Worth checking out!

This game confused and disturbed me in the best way. It was a bit silly, but overall I enjoyed my time playing this! Great job! 

Babies don't belong in corners or blenders! Weird is definitely the word for this 馃槀

Fancy meeting you here XD

What a serendipitous occourence! 馃槝

I played the game, It's fun. it doesn't have a lot to do and doesn't have an amazing story but I enjoyed it, but I think I played wrong... I kind of just made a head cannon and just rolled with it, so my experience might be different to most

Really well done. Thought it still felt grounded and weird and did ramp up the anxiety halfway through. Did not see that end coming though lol. <3

It is pretty interesting. Definitely weird but I really like weird. I do not know if you are going to continue to make games but I think you should keep pushing! Maybe flesh this idea out even more. I would definitely play a fuller version.
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