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there's not description or video. but you can see other people reviews and that way make a choose if you want to play or not


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keep asking and you will make one game.


Was a really well made game! It looked really good; the environment and scenery was really well done and had that fantasy look to them and really suited the running around parts. 

The story was also well made where things slowly climb up to the climax and then the player finds out that they are a scarecrow.

Overall, a really well made game and you've done a great job on it!



 why did u spoil it

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this was so great 

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A very strange but wonderful game!! had a blast playing it and i honestly think mr patson is my favorite character in a video game.

I look forward to your future work

Super fun game! I loved the atmosphere and the twist ending. The maze was fairly simple, but I always hate doing those so I was happy I got it over quickly lol. If you wanna check out my video it's linked here!

There's a jaw-dropping TWIST at the end. I was impressed by graphics on this one for being an indie game.

Skip to 24:06 for my run through with my FRIGHT series.

I really wanna check this one out but for some reason there is nothing from the installer, it's just blank. Any advice? Some of the games are like this unfortunately :( i love scarecrows and I wanna play it!

A very strange game with an unexpected twist! The game starts off very frivolous and almost happy as you seem to play chase in the forest.... only to start realising that things are going down hill quite rapidly , especially when you meet Mr.Patson.

  The sound track really suits the game using Vivaldi's Four Seasons to accent drama and urgency and the game itself is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye , especially the forest as it really seems vast and verdant.The character models looked a little obscure with Mr. Patson's overly large head but did not seem too out of place with the game itself.

 Despite the lack of narrations or extra notes to explain fully how it all happened , the game itself is solid and leaves many things open to interpretation (maybe this is the point and why there are lack of notes etc.)

 The story although short is a unique concept and an enjoyable experience to playthrough, it will be good to see if this develops in the future whether it be updating this game or coming out with another game entirely that has the same feels and vibes of this creepy horror.

This game kinda hit me in a personal way, having a son, it sucks to think about something like this happening. I think this game did a good job at approaching the subject and did a good job at building the story up. Personally I'd love to see more from this, I would expand on it!
Overall great job! Keep up the great work!

Well made and has a very dark twist! A few spooky moments and a decent length! Thanks for making it!

Weird game but i really enjoyed it was something different.

Very strange and yet I found myself compelled to play. I had to dub in my own music because of copyright bs on classical music but other than that I enjoyed it! 

A high quality game with sad ending


I liked the twist in the end and the long intro section

Here is my video:

Interesting game for sure, Cheers! 

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Such a deep story, Such compelling characters and such a tragic end. Traditional Scarecrow get's my vote for Game Of The Year 2020. Mr. Patson what a legend! Above Is my gameplay and commentary feel free to check It out. And maybe subscribe If you enjoy, Look forward to more from this dev! 

Twist ending! Did NOT see that coming! (start at 4:40)

Loved it! That ending was twisted. Good Job!

VERY GOOD GAME. yup you got a follow. I like everything in this game and ending was really shocking. I love it. I hope to see more games from you. Keep up the good work!

btw here is my video:

This was such a cool mini game. I would love to see progression in the future. I was a bit sceptical about playing it at first with no review and reading reviews seemed good. I definitely recommend every one has a crack at it well worth the time! Awesome work mate. 

thank you so much <3

Pretty interesting. The groundwork for a good horror game is present so I'm looking forward to your future projects.


gotta admit, the story is a bit nasty, which obviously is supposed to be the point, environment is beautifully done and the scare got me good lol. Love how the description is virtually nothing lol.

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just play your game its awesome. and i guess i broke the game. i can go inside my own house lol

Good job! The game itself was really good. The story line needs a little bit of work because a lot of things were too random. Amazing job though especially because this game was made by only one person. Def gonna check more of your games out in the future. The game starts at 10:17 if you wanna watch the video

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

Woah... messed up but cool

I just played this game and loved it! A few glitches in the environment but other than that it was smooth and so beautiful!

Really cool and weird game including the twist at the end.

Nice looking  game. I really like how it started off lighthearted with pretty graphics and pleasant music then spirals into a dark, disturbing story.  Good job!

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